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1968 in music.

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by phaynes12, May 31, 2021.

  1. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter

    The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonley Hearts Club Band won 1967. Let's see who wins 1968. with the white album being so polarizing i could see a non-beatles album taking it. THIS YEAR, HOLY SHIT!

    Billboard chart-topping albums of 1968:
    The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tou (cont. from '67)
    Paul Mauriat - Blooming Hits
    Simon & Garfunkel - The Graduate
    Simon & Garfunkel - Bookends
    Herb Alpert - The Beat of the Brass
    Cream - Wheels on Fire
    The Doors - Waiting for the Sun
    The Rascals - Time Peace
    Big Brother and the Holding Company - Cheap Thrills
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland
    Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman
    The Beatles - The Beatles

    Billboard chart-topping singles of 1968:
    The Beatles - Hello, Goodbye (cont. from '67)
    John Fred - Judy in Disguise
    The Lemon Pipers - Green Tambourine
    Paul Mauriat - Love is Blue
    Otis Redding - (Sitting on) The Dock of the Bay
    Bobby Goldsboro - Honey
    Archie Bell - Tighten Up
    Simon & Garfunkel - Mrs. Robinson
    Herb Alpert - This Guy's in Love With You
    Hugh Masekela - Grazing in the Grass
    The Doors - Hello, I Love You
    The Rascals - People Got to Be Free
    Jeannie Riley - Harper Valley PTA
    The Beatles - Hey Jude
    Diana Ross & the Supremes - Love Child
    Marvin Gaye - I Heard it Through the Grapevine

    What are your top three albums for 1968? We will keep a running tally and eventually have some sort of bracket. For me it would be:

    1. The Band - Music from Big Pink
    2. Cream - Wheels of Fire
    3. The Kinks - Village Green Preservation Society

    What are some of the forgotten gems from the year? What is overrated? What did you discover at a young age and what did you discover later?

  2. Gianni28


    Polarizing?!!!? The White Album?!!? Whattttttt
  3. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter

    honorable mentions:
    aretha franklin - aretha now
    blue cheer - vincebus eruptum
    the byrds - sweetheart of the radio
    dillard and clark - the fantastic expedition of dillard and clark
    james taylor - james taylor
    johnny cash - at folsom prison
    the rolling stones - beggars banquet

    other notable cuts:
    aretha franklin - lady soul
    the beatles - the beatles
    blue cheer - outsideinside
    the byrds - notorious byrd brothers
    deep purple - shades of deep purple
    dolly parton - just because i am a woman
    donovan - the hurdy gurdy man
    the doors - waiting for the sun
    glen campbell - wichita lineman
    the grateful dead - anthem of the sun
    the international submarine band - safe at home
    iron butterfly - in-a-gadda-da-vida
    the jimi hendrix experience - electric ladyland
    marvin gaye - i heard it through the grapevine!
    merle haggard - mama tried
    merle haggard - sing me back home
    otis redding - the dock of the bay
    pink floyd - a saucerful of secrets
    randy newman - randy newman
    townes van zandt - for the sake of the song
    traffic - traffic
    van morrison - astral weeks
    the velvet underground - white light/white heat
    waylon jennings - hangin on
    the zombies - odyssey and oracle

    stuff to check out:
    blood sweat and tears - child is father to the man
    canned heat - boogie with canned heat
    canned heat - living the blues
    dr. john - gris gris
    electric flag - a long time coming
    glen campbell - hey little one
    gordon lightfoot - did she mention my name
    herbie hancock - speak like a child
    iron butterfly - heavy
    joan baez - any day now
    miles davis - nefertiti
    miles davis - filled de killmanjaro
    the mothers of invention - we’re only in it for the money
    ravi shankar - the sounds of india
    richie havens - something else again
    scott walker - scott 2
    simon and garfunkel - bookends
    simon and garfunkel - the graduate
    small faces - ogden’s nut gone flake
    small faces - there are but four small faces
    spirit - spirit
    spirit - the family that plays together
    stevie wonder - for once in my life
    strawberry alarm clock - wake up its tomorrow
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  4. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter

    there's tons of filler lol. i would not have it in my top 3 beatles albums.
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  5. Gianni28


    Hint of sarcasm from me for sure, I get it.

  6. Gianni28


    I say this yet the white album is already my de facto #1.

    gosh I almost can’t wait till ‘71 so I don’t have to be so biased to my fave band.
  7. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter

    leaving beggars banquet and james taylor out of the top three was ROUGH
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  8. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

    1. Van Morrison - Astral Weeks
    2. Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet
    3.....Astral Weeks again
  9. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter

    have you not peeped velvet underground?
  10. cshadows2887 May 31, 2021
    (Last edited: Jun 6, 2021)

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    1. The Beatles - The Beatles
    2. Simon and Garfunkel - Bookends
    3. Van Morrison - Astral Weeks

    Others I love:
    Dr. John - Gris Gris
    The Rolling Stones - Beggar's Banquet
    The Band - Music from Big Pink
    The Zombies - Odessy and Oracle
    Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell - You're All I Need
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland
    Blood, Sweat, and Tears - Child Is Father to the Man
    The Kinks - Are the Village Green Preservation Society
    The Byrds - The Notorious Byrd Brothers
    The Moody Blues - In Search of the Lost Chord
    Van Dyke Parks - Song Cycle
    Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison
    Aretha Franklin - Lady Soul
    Otis Redding - The Dock of the Bay
    Taj Mahal - Taj Mahal
    Herbie Hancock - Speak Like a Child
    Diana Ross and The Supremes - Love Child
    Jeff Beck - Truth
    Caetano Veloso - Caetano Veloso
    The Temptations - Wish It Would Rain
    Glen Campbell - By the Time I Get to Phoenix

    Good ones:
    The Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat
    Various Artists - Tropicalia: Ou Panis Et Circencis
    Taj Majal - The Natch'l Blues
    Randy Newman - Randy Newman
    The Byrds - Sweetheart of the Rodeo
    Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through the Grapevine
    Blood, Sweat and Tears - Blood, Sweat and Tears
    Willie Bobo - A New Dimension
    Os Mutantes - Os Mutantes
    The Monkees - Head
    Laura Nyro - Eli and the Thirteenth Confession
    Merle Haggard - Mama Tried
    Spirit - The Family That Plays Together
    Ray Barretto - Acid
    Small Faces - Ogden's Nut Gone Flake
    Cream - Wheels of Fire
    Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World
    The Impressions - We're a Winner
    Sammy Davis, Jr. - I Gotta Be Me
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Creedence Clearwater Revival
    Peter, Paul, and Mary - Late Again
    The Impressions - This Is My Country
    Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man
    Clarence Carter - This Is Clarence Carter
    Sly and the Family Stone - Dance to the Music
    The Monkees - The Birds, The Bees, and The Monkees
    Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, and Stephen Stills - Super Session
    Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman
    Louis Armstrong - Disney Songs The Satchmo Way
    Linda Ronstadt with The Stone Poneys and Friends - Vol. III
    Orpheus - Orpheus
    Stevie Wonder - Eivets Rednow

    Not a fan:
    Listening - Listening
    The Grateful Dead - Anthem of the Sun
    Archie Bell and The Drells - Tighten Up
    The Mothers of Invention - We're Only in It for the Money
    The Beacon Street Union - The Eyes of the Beacon Street Union

    Targets for listening:
    Big Brother and the Holding Company - Cheap Thrills
    Jerry Butler - The Iceman Cometh
    Jerry Butler - The Soul Goes On
    Martha and the Vandellas - Ridin' High
    Blue Cheer - Vincebus Eruptum
    Incredible String Band - The Hangman's Daughter
    Iron Butterfly - In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida
    Pretty Things - S.F. Sorrow
    Ravi Shankar - The Sounds of India
    Traffic - Traffic
    The United States of America - The United States of America
    Scott Walker - Scott 2
    Jose Feliciano - Feliciano!
    Richard Harris - A Tramp Shining
    Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood - Nancy and Lee
    Harry Nilsson - Aerial Ballet
    Deep Purple - Shades of Deep Purple

    Steppenwolf - Steppenwolf the 2nd
    The Turtles - Battle of the Bands
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  11. cshadows2887

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    I don't know anything about either of these bands/albums. Would you say they'd be up my alley/worth the listen this week?

    Strongly recommend these four. I think in particular Boookends and Child Is Father to the Man would be up your alley.
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  12. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter

    dillard/clark is gene clark from the byrds and doug dillard, who had a cup of coffee with the byrds, and is a great banjo player/sideman

    international submarine band is gram parsons’ first band before he’d join the byrds (he’s on sweetheart of the radio in 68 as well) and flying burrito brothers before going solo

    and yeah, i’m looking forward to those four, bookends especially.
  13. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

    Of course I have. It wouldn't make the 3 spot though. I had a hard time with #3 but:

    1. Van Morrison - Astral Weeks
    2. Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet
    3. Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland

    Bookends, White Album and The Band were all up there.
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  14. cshadows2887

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    Ahhh. I love the two I've heard from Gene, so that has to go on the radar for sure.
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  15. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter

    one of the more underrated songwriters around. his cuts on the early byrds albums are among their best songs too.
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  16. George

    Trusted Prestigious

    Was a hectic week last week, didn't get to listen to anywhere near as much 1967 music as I'd have liked, so will hopefully try and correct that this week too.

    My (not that) hot take on The White Album is that the presence of Revolution 9 automatically puts it behind the rest of The Beatles post-Rubber Soul albums. If there's 9 minutes of music, or about 10% of the album that is basically an auto-skip every single time, that has to count against it.
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  17. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter


    and it isn’t even close to the worst song on the album
  18. cshadows2887

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    I've honestly grown to really love the mess of The Beatles. I even leave on "Revolution 9" on most spins. I even like "Honey Pie" and "Wild Honey Pie" now.
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  19. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter

  20. cshadows2887

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    By the way, big year for Brazil if that's of interest to any of you (Caetano Veloso, the Tropicalia comp, Os Mutantes) and kinda experimental/Boogaloo Latin music (A New Dimension, Acid)
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  21. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    Subbing so I remember to make my list later.
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  22. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter

    i’ve listened to Os Mutantes a few times and have to chalk it up to one i respect but just isn’t for me at all
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  23. Gianni28


    I'm with you on this take. Slightly unrelated to your point but a lot of the "throwaways" make for cool additions to mix playlists.

    It's not Beatles album with the best songs, nor the most hits, nor the best production. But to me it's still the most "fascinating".
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  24. cshadows2887

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    It’s not my favorite of those 3. I’d say give Caetano Veloso a spin or listen to Gal Costa in ‘69 and if you don’t dig them, safe bet Tropicalia just isn’t your thing.
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  25. cshadows2887

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    Yeah that’s exactly it. Plus the story around it makes it interesting to me. Some of it is probably projecting but you can hear the strife and the distance in the album and I love that.