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1963 in music.

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by phaynes12, Apr 27, 2021.

  1. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter

    Ray Charles' Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music won 1962. Let's see who wins 1963. The Beatles debut this year. Also the year of Patsy Cline's unfortunate death.

    Billboard chart-topping albums of 1963:
    Vaughn Meader - The First Family (cont. from '62)
    West Side Story Cast - Soundtrack (cont. from '62)
    Allan Sherman - My Son, the Celebrity
    Stan Getz - Jazz Samba
    Andy Williams - Days of Wine and Roses
    Allan Sherman - My Son, the Nut
    Peter, Paul and Mary - In the Wind

    Billboard chart-topping singles of 1963:
    The Tornados - Telstar (cont. from '62)
    Steve Lawrence - Go Away Little Girl
    The Rooftop Singers - Walk Right In
    Paul and Paula - Hey Paula
    The Four Seasons - Walk Like a Man
    Ruby and the Romantics - Our Day Will Come
    The Chiffons - He's So Fine
    Little Peggy March - I Will Follow Him
    Jimmy Soul - If You Wanna Be Happy
    Lesley Gore - It's My Party
    Kyu Sakamoto - Sukiyaki
    The Essex - Easier Said Than Done
    Jan and Dean - Surf City
    The Tymes - So Much in Love
    Stevie Wonder - Fingertips
    The Angels - My Boyfriend's Back
    Bobby Vinton - Blue Velvet
    Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs - Sugar Shack
    Nino Temple - Deep Purple
    Dale & Grace - I'm Leaving it Up to You
    The Singing Nun - Dominique

    What are your top three albums for 1963? We will keep a running tally and eventually have some sort of bracket. For me it would be:

    1. Bob Dylan - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
    2. The Beatles - With the Beatles
    3. Sam Cooke - Night Beat

    What are some of the forgotten gems from the year? What is overrated? What did you discover at a young age and what did you discover later?

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  2. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter

    my last minute cuts:
    beach boys - surfin usa
    beatles - please please me
    dick dale - king of the surf guitar
    roy orbison - in dreams
    chet atkins - the guitar genius
    miles davis - seven steps to heaven

    stuff to check out:
    pp&m - moving
    duke ellington meets coleman hawkins
    duke ellington & john coltrane
    sam cooke - mr. soul
    ike and tina turner - its gonna work out fine
    ray charles - ingredients in a recipe for soul
    aretha - laughing on the outside
    stevie wonder - with a song in my heart
    etta james - top ten
    ike turner - rocks the blues
    buck owens - sings tommy collins
    duke ellington - money jungle
    bill evans - conversation with myself
    herbie hancock - my point of view
    herbie hancock - inventions and dimensions
    albert ayler - something different
    john coltrane - impressions
    PP&M - in the wind
    mingus - black saint and the sinner lady
    thelonius monk - criss cross
    sun ra - cosmic tones for mental therapy
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  3. Gianni28


    All in now! Lots to dive into for me, I worked backwards when making my yearly playlists last year - so by the time I reached '63 I was exhausted and lazy. I think I only had The Beatles two records, 3 Beach Boys records, and The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan on there. Already made a few additions and excited to dive in.
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  4. stars143

    Trusted Supporter

    1. The Beatles - Please Please Me
    2. The Beatles - With The Beatles
    3. Sam Cooke - Night Beat

    I have like 50 honorable mentions, but I'm too lazy right now.
  5. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter

    PPM over WTB! interesting!!
  6. stars143

    Trusted Supporter

    It's the wrong choice, but I'm standing by it.
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  7. Maverick Apr 27, 2021
    (Last edited: Apr 27, 2021)



    Best Singles:
    In Dreams - Roy Orbison
    She Loves You - The Beatles
    I Want To Hold You Hand - The Beatles
    In My Room - The Beach Boys
    Ring Of Fire - Johnny Cash
    Surfin’ U.S.A. - The Beach Boys
    Be True To Your School - The Beach Boys
    Wipeout - The Surfaris
    From Me To You - The Beatles
    Surfer Girl - The Beach Boys
    Surf City - Jan & Dean
    Little Deuce Coupe - The Beach Boys
    It’s All Right - The Impressions
    Da Doo Ron Ron - The Crystals
    Up On The Roof - The Drifters
    Sugar Shack - Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs

    Best Albums:
    1. Please Please Me - The Beatles
    2. Live At The Apollo - James Brown
    3. With The Beatles - The Beatles

    Other Favorites:
    Surfer Girl - The Beach Boys
    Surfin’ U.S.A. - The Beach Boys
    In Dreams - Roy Orbison
    The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady - Charles Mingus
    Little Deuce Coupe - The Beach Boys
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  8. Gianni28


    I'm always fascinated by the choices of "singles only" releases vs. the songs that made it to the proper albums. This is particularly a huge case when it comes to The Beatles and their early stuff.

    On top of that, there's not just the discrepancy between which songs made the albums vs. which were standalone singles, but also the discrepancy between tracklistings on the US Version vs UK version for the early portion of their catalog.

    Based on the sessions the songs were recorded during - and purely for speculation:
    • "She Loves You" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand" would make With The Beatles a far superior album to Please Please Me.
    • "From Me To You" and "Thank You Girl", while technically recorded a few weeks or month-ish AFTER the PPM sessions, would arguably make PPM a better record.
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  9. Maverick


    I’ve always enjoyed Please Please Me as a whole more than With The Beatles. The songs on the debut just seem stronger to me.
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  10. PauLo

    43% Burnt

    All about the Duke this year...

    1. Duke Ellington - Money Jungle (one of my favourite jazz albums of all time)
    2. Duke Ellington & John Coltrane - ST
    3. Charles Mingus - The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady

    Also got into Dylan last year and really enjoyed Freewheelin’
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  11. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter

  12. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter

    yeah I need to peep all of these
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  13. cshadows2887

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    Debated holding my vote until after all the listening, but I’m gonna stay consistent and keep the explorations and the ballot separate

    List some! I want to cherry-pick!
  14. mattfreaksmeout

    Trusted Supporter

    With the Beatles is one of the Beatles albums I've spent the least time with (along with Beatles for Sale), so I'm also more on board with Please Please Me. The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan is my favorite of the year though.

    Planning to also listen to at least:
    Joan Baez. In Concert, Pt. 2
    James Brown: Live At the Apollo
    Peter, Paul & Mary: Moving
    Roy Orbison: In Dreams
    Dionne Warwick: Presenting Dionne Warwick
    Sam Cooke: Night Beat
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  15. George Apr 27, 2021
    (Last edited: Apr 27, 2021)

    Trusted Prestigious

    1. Sam Cooke - Night Beat
    2. Bob Dylan - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
    3. James Brown - Live at the Apollo

    Night Beat is one of Sam Cooke's two absolutely perfect studio albums (the other of which will appear next week), and it's a slightly more subdued blues-y affair, with some absolutely masterful tracks, including opening track "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen", which is up there with the best opening tracks on any album ever. Next year's Aint That Good News, might just about edge this, but not by much.

    Dylan's second album is just a huge step up from his first, that it's amazing that it came out only a year later. So many of those songs have become iconic now, incredible what he did on just his second attempt.

    James Brown's Live at the Apollo is one of the most ferocious live albums recorded, absolutely raucous and coming it at just half an hour long, it's an absolutely relentless listen. I think it's the best essence of Brown distilled down into 31 minutes.

    Heat Wave by Martha and the Vandellas and The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady by Charles Mingus round out the top five.

    As a very honourable mention (seeing as it was released in 1985), is Sam Cooke's Live at the Harlem Square Club, 1963. Cooke has two perfectly opposite live albums, this one is the dirty, sweaty and loud one, whereas At The Copa from 1964 is the smooth and suave one. Both essential listening to understand Cooke, so I'll include this as an honorary 1963 record.
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  16. George

    Trusted Prestigious

    My (not very) controversial Beatles opinion, is that the Pre-Rubber Soul records don't do much for me. I like them enough, and every now and then I'll throw one on, but when I listen to The Beatles, 99% of what I listen to is from 1965 and onwards.
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  17. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter

    i felt similarly for a long time. idk if it's getting older/caring less about experimental stuff, but in recent years - while I still prefer the stuff from rubber soul on - I still have a lot of time for the early stuff
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  18. Gianni28


    Dick Dale's guitar tone, though. Just phenomenal, such a pioneer. Hearing The Beach Boys attempt a spirited take on "Misirlou", but it pales in comparison to Dale's version from a year earlier.

    And pardon the pun, but "King of the Surf Guitar" is just GNARLY. I can't believe I've never heard this before today.
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  19. Maverick


    Live At The Apollo really is that good.. GOOD GOD!
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  20. cshadows2887 Apr 27, 2021
    (Last edited: May 2, 2021)

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    1. Sam Cooke - Night Beat
    2. Bob Dylan - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
    3. Charles Mingus - The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady

    Just Missed:
    Sammy Davis, Jr. - At the Coconut Grove
    Thelonious Monk - Monk's Dream
    James Brown - Live at the Apollo
    Barbra Streisand - The Barbra Streisand Album
    Various Artists - A Christmas Gift to You from Phil Spector
    The Beatles - Please Please Me

    Others I've Heard and Enjoy (Roughly Ranked):
    John Coltrane - Ballads
    Oscar Pederson Trio - Night Train
    The Swingle Singers - Bach's Greatest Hits (aka Jazz Sebastian Bach)
    The Beatles - With the Beatles
    John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman - John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman
    Jimmy Durante - September Song
    Dexter Gordon - Our Man in Paris
    Peter Paul and Mary - (Moving)
    Jorge Ben - Samba Esquema Novo
    Duke Ellington and Coleman Hawkins - Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins
    Peter Paul and Mary - In the Wind
    Al Hirt - Honey in the Horn
    Peggy Lee - Mink Jazz
    Harry Belafonte - Streets I Have Walked
    Martha and the Vandellas - Heat Wave

    Albums I own that I really haven't processed enough to rank:
    Bill Evans - Interplay
    The Miracles - The Fabulous Miracles
    Duke Ellington and John Coltrane - Duke Ellington and John Coltrane
    Sam Cooke - Mr. Soul

    NOT a fan:
    Soueur Sourire - The Singing Nun

    Targets to listen to:
    Andy Williams - Days of Wine and Roses and Other TV Favorites
    Herbie Hancock - My Point of View
    Martha and the Vandellas - Come and Get These Memories

    Chet Atkins - The Guitar Genius
    Duke Ellington, Max Roach and Charles Mingus - Money Jungle
    The Beach Boys - Surfin' U.S.A.
    Tony Bennett - I Wanna Be Around
    Kenny Burrell - Midnight Blue
    Joe Henderson - Page One
    Jimmy Smith - Back at the Chicken Shack
    Astor Piazzolla Quinteto - Tango Para Una Ciudad
    Lesley Gore - Sings of Mixed Up Hearts
    Rufus Thomas - Walking the Dog
    Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs - Flatt and Scruggs at Town Hall

    Gerry Mulligan - Night Lights
    The Crystals - He's a Rebel
    Henry Mancini - Uniquely Mancini
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  21. cshadows2887

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    Ones I think people will likely overlook that are interesting as hell:

    Streisand's debut really took me by surprise given her general reputation. She really found ways to reinvent and reinterpret the standards she was working with and her voice is just mind-boggling. There's a very good reason she became a household name.

    That Jimmy Durante album September Song is a deep-cut favorite of mine. For some reason, his absolute non-singer voice over those sweet arrangements just destroys me.

    The Swingle Singers' Bach album seems like something that should be dull, dated and corny (even with Glee's usage of them), but it's SO unique and utterly swingin'.
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  22. stars143

    Trusted Supporter

    A bunch have already been mentioned, but...

    Honorable mentions:

    Charles Mingus - The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady (idk much about jazz, but this is a great one)
    Dick Dale - King of the Surf Guitar
    Dionne Warwick - Presenting Dionne Warwick (her debut)
    Duke Ellington & John Coltrane - Duke Ellington & John Coltrane (another jazz classic)
    James Brown - Live at the Apollo
    James Brown - Prisoner of Love
    Jorge Ben - Samba Esquema Novo (the debut from the Brazillian musician)
    Lesley Gore - I'll Cry If I Want To
    Pete Seeger - We Shall Overcome (a live album... great political/protest music)
    Sam Cooke - Mr. Soul
    The Shadows - Greatest Hits (hate putting a greatest hits on here, but it's a great collection of their early music)
    Toots and the Maytals - Never Grow Old (early reggae... their debut)
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  23. phaynes12

    playing in the band Supporter

    cannot understate how much dudes rock
  24. PauLo

    43% Burnt

    The Latin World of Tito Puente is another great album released this year. A classic too.
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  25. Gianni28


    Ahhhh how has no one mentioned Gerry & The Pacemakers “You’ll Never Walk Alone” yet?!

    I swear - me recalling this came out in ‘63 has nothing at all to do with my LFC fandom. Lol