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‘Y: The Last Man’ Trailer

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 9, 2021.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Jonathan

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    Hands down, my favorite comic book ever (and I only read it recently.) I'd highly recommend anybody to read the entire series before watching the show, it's an easy 60-issue binge.
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  3. Frank Lapidus

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    Never heard of this before but consider me intrigued after that trailer - looks great.
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  4. Jonathan

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    I'm very excited, the comic author and artist have both seen the pilot and have praised it. That said, read the comic before the show, I cannot recommend this enough!

    Case in point: I watched Walking Dead for YEARS before reading the comic, and when I finally picked it up, the comic is vastly superior, it's almost an entirely different thing.
  5. Couldn't Agree more. Rick Grimes was way more interesting in the Comics. The books outshine the shows, but its always good to put some voices to the characters that are different than what i created in my head.

    Invincible is another. Paper Girls by BKV is also going to be a show that im excited for.
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  6. Jonathan

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    I'll add Paper Girls to my list, I'm itching for something new to read. Invincible is on my list and I have the first volume (already watched the first season of the show though.) I keep hoping SAGA will be out of hiatus soon, I know they're working on it.

    Walking Dead feels like they took all the best parts of Rick from the comic and instead created Daryl in the tv show.
  7. Yeah and they made Carol completely different and Andrea was the real bad ass that shouldnt have been killed off. IMO.

    Invincible is the best Superhero story i've ever read. Invest in the Compendiums. They are easy reads.

    Saga will be back as a surprise i think. I feel they are more ready to go than we think.
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  8. Jonathan

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    I sure hope so!!!