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‘Watchmen’ Coming to HBO

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. contra11mundum

    I hate spoilers. Supporter

    I'm in!
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  3. I Am Mick

    @gravebug Prestigious

    bummer. I want Lindlehof to do something original
  4. Eric Wilson

    Trusted Prestigious

    Definitely down for this. HBO should be a perfect fit.
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  5. Hunter Norman


    This should be great, especially with him attached. Always one of my favorite GNs and I loved the movie, even with Zack Snyder's faults.
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  6. younglikeme

    ii // YLM

    Please be good. Please be good. Please be good. Please be good.
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  7. Malatesta

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    in theory, this could work - i think the episodic format would better suit the source material and HBO is a good spot for it. I don't have high esteem for Lindlehof but he's not as aggressively bad as Zach Snyder is.

    but, i don't know if Watchmen can be effective today... i think we're in a post-Watchmen superhero mindset creatively. then again, it could be fun to return to Cold War themes of paranoia and unrest. whether or not that'll turn viewers out, or if the critics will like it... who knows.
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  8. shawnhyphenray


    This could be either very awesome or very bad but either way I'm excited
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  9. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    Hopefully it's good. DC for the most part knows how to do tv.
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  10. NewSurrender

    Regular Prestigious

    The movie sucked, was that because of Snyder? I'll probably skip this, doesn't interest me at all
  11. Davjs


    Loved the movie, but how can anyone not be excited for more Watchmen? Even if they don't stick strictly to the book, I'm down for any rendition of these characters.

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