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‘The Office’ Leaving Netflix in 2020

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 26, 2019.

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    The Office will be leaving Netflix in 2020:

    In a statement Tuesday night, NBCUniversal has announced that it will remove the beloved 2000s sitcom from Netflix in 2021, and head exclusively to the company’s forthcoming and as yet unnamed streaming service.

    “The Office has become a staple of pop-culture and is a rare gem whose relevance continues to grow at a time when fans have more entertainment choices than ever before,” Bonnie Hammer, chair of NBCUniversal’s digital enterprise, said in a statement. “We can’t wait to welcome the gang from Dunder Mifflin to NBCUniversal’s new streaming service.”

  2. CMilliken


    The whole series was on sale last week on iTunes for $25 bucks. Best bet I bought it. Those rumors have come up every year and since it's one of my most watched shows I was just waiting for the right time to grab it digitally. Just need a good sale on Parks and Rec now.
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  3. Phil507

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    All these bespoke streaming services are just bad, bad news. I get that content ownership is king now but people are not going to subscribe to 5-6 different platforms.
  4. BradBradley


    I think a pretty sizable amount of people will. Doing so would likely still end up quite a bit cheaper than cable for a lot of people.
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  5. Phil507

    Resident NYC snob Supporter

    I don't know.....for cable/internet currently paying $149 + Netflix (I think that's $10 or so). You take away the cable option but add in 4-5 streaming services you're pretty much at the same price you were at before.
  6. CMilliken


    I'm fine with a few different streaming services. But I'm not going to pay for individual tv networks streaming services. The fact that I had to sign up for a CBS subscription trial to watch the Indianapolis Colts play.... SMH.

    Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+ will be good for me. Possibly Apple TV but there are a lot of unknowns about that service so can't really say.

    Even better when you're sharing subscriptions with your other family members. Makes it dirt cheap since most allow for multiple profiles.
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  7. [removed]

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    The key is to buy one, and share the passwords with 5 other friends and all subscribe to different things.
  8. NBCU will be free to cable subscribers btw
    NBCU’s streaming plans will be somewhat different from those brandished by many of its competitors. The offering will be free to NBCU pay-cable subscribers in the U.S. and will be supported by advertising. Plans call for the streaming service to be made available to subscribers of both Comcast, NBCU’s parent company, and Sky, the European satellite broadcaster that Comcast acquired control of last year. In all, NBCU will make the service available to 52 million subscribers. The streaming offering is expected to feature original content and programming from outside partners as well as material from the company’s archives. An ad-free version will also be available for a fee, and non-pay-TV customers can purchase a subscription separately.
  9. BradBradley


    I totally get what you’re saying long term, but outside of Prime membership (which includes a lot more than video), what five streaming platforms today would come close to $150 a month? I definitely think it’ll be interesting to see how these services adjust their pricing as we get further and further post-cable, but the decentralization of IPs could keep most of them from raising prices too outlandishly. Then again, I’m probably naive!
  10. Well you have the internet monthly cost at about $50-70 plus streaming services.
  11. Supernova

    Prayers/Triangles Prestigious

    I’m going to have to figure out a way to watch the show after then. I own all the physical copies of the seasons but that’s beyond cumbersome. If I bought them off iTunes does it know where you left off in an episode? I almost refuse to buy into NBC’s streaming service just for the Office. However The Office is such an important part of my life I just may end up doing it.....
  12. paperlung

    there's no place like my room Supporter

    looks like i know what i'll be adding to plex here shortly.