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‘Stranger Things’ Season Two Soundtrack Announced

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 12, 2017.

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    Survive’s Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon have debuted the first song from the upcoming Stranger Things soundtrack. You can stream that, and find the track listing, below.

    Track Listing

    1. Walkin’ in Hawkins
    2. Home
    3. Eulogy
    4. On the Bus
    5. Presumptuous
    6. Eight Fifteen
    7. The First Lie
    8. Scars
    9. I Can Save Them
    10. Descent Into the Rift
    11. Chicago
    12. Looking for a Way Out
    13. Birth / Rescue
    14. In the Woods
    15. Digging
    16. Symptoms
    17. Eggo in the Snow
    18. Soldiers
    19. Choices
    20. Never Tell
    21. She Wants Me to Find Her
    22. Shouldn’t Have Lied
    23. It’s a Trap
    24. Crib
    25. The Return
    26. Escape
    27. We Go Out Tonight
    28. Connect the Dots
    29. The Hub
    30. On Edge
    31. What Else Did You See?
    32. Run
    33. Levitation
    34. To Be Continued

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    Best thing about this is that the final song is called "To Be Continued"
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