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‘Solo’ Trailer

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. And it looks great!
  3. Jonathan

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    Honestly going in with low expectations. I heard that Ron Howard more or less made the same movie and that it was more a clashing of style with the actors/crew/director that led to the other directors exits.

    I will say it's exciting that the tone seems to be more fun/western/heist movie, and I welcome a comedic tone. We already ultimately know what happens to Han Solo just show me something fun and light hearted.
  4. Ellite25


    The actor playing Han seemed pretty bad tbh.
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  5. Saephon


    I'm just here for Donald Glover. Thank you.
  6. thedrudo

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    I'm loving all the stuff I've seen so far.
  7. Yeah, this looks like a blast
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  8. theredline

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    Everything about this looks amazing except Han himself. I hope it ends up being good but he just doesn’t “have it” for me. There wasn’t anybody else? And I know he’s a good actor but for this I’m not sure. It’s only a trailer but the delivery is flat.
  9. KyleK

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    I'm finding it hard to try and judge him, because it's such a tough position to put an actor in, and as a fan I'm not sure if I'd be impressed by anyone playing a character so strongly associated with a different actor. If he played it too close to Ford, people would knock that, and too different and it wouldn't work either. Can tell they've written it to try and capture the essence of what made Han cool, but I'll wait for the full movie to decide if he's hitting the delivery.
  10. Jeremy


  11. It was quite good
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