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‘Rick and Morty’ May Not Return Until 2019

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 4, 2018.

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    On a recent podcast, voice actor Ryan Ridley announced that Rick and Morty may not come back until 2019. Polygon summarizes:

    Ridley pointed out that the script for Rick and Morty’s third season was finished in November 2016, about eight months before the show returned to Adult Swim. Since then, however, he hasn’t worked on it and is adamant that other writers haven’t either.

    Creator of the show, Dan Harmon, was also recently called out by former Community writer Megan Ganz for workplace misconduct:

    In turn, Ganz implied some form of workplace harassment, writing that it took her “years to believe in my talents again, to trust a boss when he complimented me and not cringe when he asked for my number.”

  2. Probably not a bad thing for this show to try and distance itself from the absurdity that surrounded it last year tbh
  3. cosmickid

    Composer, but never composed.

    Can't imagine this is a surprise for most fans
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  4. alexmacwilliam

    It’s a perfect day for letting go...

    I'm pretty ignorant to all the behind the scenes stuff with this show. Not intentionally, just never dove into it. I watched the show and liked it, so I was wondering if you could elaborate on the toxicity of the culture of this show.

  5. ianzandi


    Both shows are great but the fans are largely terrible people. Meme troll culture has ruined watching R&M for me.
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  6. Brodobaggins34

    They fixed your brain when you were young.

    Szechuan Sauce Fiasco 2.0
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  7. Sander


    i feel like more energy was spent on criticising the fans than the fans spent on being shitty.
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  8. zachmacD


    What happened to community? I stopped watching after Donald Glover left I think
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  9. Yellowcard2006


    Plenty of pickle rick shirts to be sold, had a big hiatus last season break too.
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  10. tdlyon

    Most Dope Supporter

    They had one more (great) season after the one where he left and ended on their own terms. Highly recommend finishing.

    Not at all surprised that R&M is taking a break, they always take their time with the show. I still love it, not letting morons on the internet ruin that for me (and I'd bet they tackle that somehow next season)
  11. emeryk3

    Wharf Mice

    That's a stupid reason to put you off a 'great' show.
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  12. personalmaps

    citrus & cinnamon Supporter

    Really wish Dan Harmon would just go away forever.
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  13. Ska Senanake


    It lived, it died, it lived again! Then died. And now we are all praying for the movie with Donald being involved.
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  14. Ska Senanake


    I don't, he makes fantastic television.
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  15. SamLevi11

    Trusted Prestigious

    So does anyone know what he did, or is that still unclear?

    Also this show is great, but the fans definitely ruin it for me. I'm glad it's taking a break but I'm gonna be very excited for its return.
  16. personalmaps

    citrus & cinnamon Supporter

    He also has a habit of being a raging, abusive, alcoholic misogynist. Fuck his TV shows.
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  17. Shrek

    leave the loop, walk the maze Prestigious

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  18. personalmaps Jan 5, 2018
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    citrus & cinnamon Supporter

  19. TheFrontBortles


    The perception of harmon as a progressive writer always baffled me. He does occasionally have moments of lucidity, but he surrounds that with a ton of toxicness. IMO being occasionally "woke" doesn't cancel out all the shitty things you continue to do.

    I guess people look to latch onto any reason to like him though, because his shows are really good and they want to avoid cognitive dissonance.
  20. Shrek

    leave the loop, walk the maze Prestigious

    Dan seems to have changed a lot as a guy since he went through his divorce. too bad he was shitty for... everything prior. i definitely can side with those who don't think he's deserving of continued successes. abuse is abuse.
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  21. Malatesta

    i may get better but we won't ever get well Prestigious

    lol bye
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  22. zachmacD


    I read the A**hole of the year twitter thread he had with his former employee and I'm surprised that didn't urn into anything more. Is that because of the type(quality) of following he has?
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  23. zachmacD


    Ok cool. Thanks for the response! On a side note, I'm really happy to see DG doing so well. I'm happy him leaving the show ended up being a good move for him
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  24. ianzandi


    Agreed. The “yahoo season” is superb.
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  25. Serh

    Prestigious Prestigious

    What has Justin Rowland said/done