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‘Punk Goes Acoustic 3’ Coming in July

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 28, 2019.

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    Fearless Records will release Punk Goes Acoustic vol. 3 on July 26th. They’ve shared the stripped down version of Taking Back Sunday’s “A Decade Under the Influence” and Set It Off’s “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.”


    Track Listing

    1. Dance Gavin Dance — Story Of My Bros
    2. Circa Survive — Act Appalled
    3. Taking Back Sunday — A Decade Under The Influence
    4. Dashboard Confessional — Screaming Infidelities
    5. Mayday Parade — Take This To Heart
    6. Movements — Colorblind
    7. Underoath — A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black And White
    8. Don Broco — Come Out To LA
    9. Set It Off — Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
    10. As It Is — Okay
    11. Grayscale — Atlantic
    12. The Almost — Hand Grenade

    Launched in 2000, the Punk Goes series embodies each ebb and flow of popular culture for nearly 20 years — with a twist. As such, the Fearless Records staple holds the distinction of being “the top-selling compilation in the alternative genre,” tallying cumulative album sales in excess of 2.5 million and nearly a-quarter-of-a-billion streams to date.
    Its 18 volumes encompass Punk Goes Pop, Vol. 1-7, Punk Goes Classic Rock, Punk Goes 80s, Punk Goes 90s, Vol. 1-2, Punk Goes X, Punk Goes Crunk, Punk Goes Acoustic Vol, 1-2, and Punk Goes Christmas.

    The catalog boasts exclusive contributions by multiplatinum award-winning talent-ranging from A Day To Remember, All-American Rejects, and Rise Against to Rise Pierce the Veil, All Time Low, Sleeping with Sirens, and Asking Alexandria. Not to mention, the legacy includes multiple Top 20 debuts on the Billboard Top 200 as well as Top 5 entries on the Top Independent Albums Chart, Top Modern Rock/Alternative Albums Chart, and Top Rock Albums Chart. It served as a game-changer for many acts including Tonight Alive, A Skylit Drive, and Juliet Simms housing their “most-streamed” songs.

    Now of legal voting age, Punk Goes reintroduces itself in 2019 by way of Punk Goes Acoustic, Vol. 3. The nineteenth installment welcomes acoustic contributions from the likes of Mayday Parade, Taking Back Sunday, Underoath, Set It Off, Grayscale, Circa Survive, and more. This time around, an A-list roster delivers stripped-down interpretations of fan favorites as well as a few surprises. As the latest volume showcases another side of heavy music, alternative, and punk royalty, it also boldly extends the legacy of Punk Goes.

  2. reachingfor

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  3. benschuyler

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    Odd note on the TBS song: Fred sang on the Punk Goes Acoustic version of "Cute Without the 'E'," a song originally featuring John on BGV's. On this comp, John is singing BGVs on a song originally featuring Fred. Kind of interesting!
  4. SuNDaYSTaR


    It took me a while to understand what "BGV" meant.
  5. Dog Fish

    soups up

    THAT'S where I got the bonus cd - punk goes acoustic v1:

    Bonus CD
    1. "Onto Morning Stars" – Anatomy of a Ghost (Fearless Records)
    2. "Still Standing" – Rock Kills Kid (Fearless Records)
    3. "New Way to Dance" – The Kinison (Fearless Records)
    4. "Anything" – Plain White T's (Fearless Records)
    5. "Taking It All Back" – Count the Stars (Victory Records)
    6. "Shevanel Take 2" – Between the Buried and Me (Victory Records)
    7. "I Loved the Way She Said L.A." – Spitalfield (Victory Records)
    8. "Giving Up" – Silverstein (Victory Records)
  6. Frank Lapidus

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    Is it just me or do Adam/John sound fantastic on this? I feel like it's a perfect blend of old Adam and his newer vocal style/delivery.
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  7. ramomcferno

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    This looks good. I enjoy the Punk Goes series.
  8. koryoreo


    Theres an acoustic version of "giving up"? How have I never heard it? Haha
  9. koryoreo


    With the exception of Don Broco and Set It Off, that's a very good tracklist and the best since the series was starting out.
  10. Dog Fish

    soups up

    no, this was a reg sampler cd. The only acoustic song i think was between the buried and me. I thought i had got it from a show back in the day, but i guess i got it when i bought volume 1 from best buy. This was my first intro to anatomy of a ghost. Man such a solid sampler. Also intro to between the buried and me. Very surprised when i heard the rest of their material after the acoustic song on the sampler.
  11. Dog Fish

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  12. popdisaster00

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    How I feel reading this

  13. parkerxcore

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    I miss the Kinison so much. Can't find my old cd and itunes doesn't have their full length.
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  14. Brent

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    Really just need an Underoath - They're Only Chasing Safety acoustic album.
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  15. reachingfor Jun 28, 2019
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    Have you listened to Aaron Gillespie’s solo album?
  16. MikeERayner


    Stoked for acoustic screaming infidelities.
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  17. Histrionics


    That's been released already
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  18. TJ Wells

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    Yeah I’m so confused by that.
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  19. I Am Mick

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    The acoustic A Decade Under The Influence is super boring. You can go unplugged and still have some energy/emotion. It just sorta drones on
  20. MikeERayner


    It’s like when swing life away was on the first one. Was just weird.
  21. Dog Fish

    soups up

    I know. Really go all out like cute with out the e acoustic on volume 1.
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  22. MikeERayner


    That whole volume 1 was so good
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  23. TJ Wells

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    Playing favoritessssss
    The kingggggg
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  24. MikeERayner


    Velvet alley
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  25. johnnyferris

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