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‘Psych’ Cast Reuniting for Holiday Movie

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 10, 2017.

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    The original cast and creator are returning for a two-hour holiday movie, “Psych: The Movie,” this December, Variety has learned.

    The news comes more than three years after “Psych” went off the air in spring 2014, after airing for eight seasons and more than 120 episodes.

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  2. workingmandan


    Literally could not be any more excited for this.
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  3. hibbletonrules

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    You know that's right.
  4. bodkins


    So stoked about this. Maybe Monk will take a cue...
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  5. xenoabe


  6. josh.


    I enjoyed watching Psych when I lived in Santa Barbara and laughing about how they used names of streets and buildings in town, but none of it was filmed there. I'm excited for the movie; this was a super fun show.
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  7. Blake Solomon

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    I know they've had ideas and talks right after the show went off the air of doing a similar thing, but it never materialized. But man that would make me the happiest. (Also, if you don't have the DVD box set, it's got a lot of great content on there too!)
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  8. Blake Solomon

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    Vancouver, that's why they had those weird episodes that took place there every couple of seasons.
  9. Crisp X

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    One of the best procedurals ever and possibly the most underrated one. Can't wait
  10. Loved this show and so stoked for this
  11. Butinsmallsteps


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  12. Luroda

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    I've heard it both ways.
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  13. AndrewRnR


    Will be weird to see Sean and Juliet together since their "infamous" off screen romance ended shortly after series.
  14. shawnhyphenray


    psych was (and still is) one of my all time favorite shows. this makes me extremely happy
  15. SoundscapeMN


    I prefer "Psych-er" but the 2nd movie is coming during the upcoming "Holiday Season"

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