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‘Nondescript Pop Punk Band Dropkicks a Girl Off Stage’ • Page 12

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Is not being okay with kicking unsuspecting people from behind a "feminist bandwagon"? Really? What's shocking is that there are people who are able to justify this.
  2. _unproductive


    personally, i get that it might have not been a hard kick, or that she thought it was funny, BUT it was still an overly aggressive thing to do
  3. Zoshchenko

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  4. St. Nate

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    "feminist bandwagon"

  5. atlas


    You should try jumping on the "don't dropkick people" bandwagon
  6. I have been to literally hundreds of shows where the crowd is rowdy. Those are my favorite shows. As I've stated previously in this thread, there is an extremely clear difference between a crowd being rowdy and kicking an unsuspecting girl from behind. It does not matter at all if she's personally okay with what happened. As Drew posted a few pages back, if you go to a Touché Amoré show (some of the rowdiest shows I've been to), people are on stage, grabbing the mic, and jumping all over Jeremy. If you don't want people on stage, have someone escorting them off, or play shows with barriers. There's literally no excuse for dropkicking them from behind. That is never an appropriate response. That is not "punk rock."
  7. mvrlou

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    ugh someone made fucking shirts FUCK AN APOLOGY

    edit: the link showed up that way automatically; I am not trying to make fun here
  8. jorbjorb

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    haha what the hell?
  9. Dean

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    He kicked someone square in the back when they were stood right next to a drop of at least a couple of feet. At absolute best that's reckless.
  10. DeviantRogue

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    Only people who should be doing drop kicks is professional wrasslers.
  11. felipecardel

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    you know that someone's not really deserving of attention when they say "feminist bandwagon"
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  12. CMilliken


    I knew there was a reason I loved TWIABP
  13. Tata Toothy


    "I want to assure everyone that Parker is the sweetest guy and not usually like that, it must have been my fault,” reads the comment. “I accept Parker’s apology, I’ll always love him. Besides, even though it was a little blurry I got over 300 likes on my selfie with Parker’s rage-filled face flying at me in the background. I’m never washing my back again!”
  14. CMilliken


    Maybe Dropkick Murphys too? It's expected right? Part of their name.
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  15. crunchprank Prestigious

    That article is satire.
  16. Tata Toothy


    Oh okay. Thank God, I wouldn't put it past some people to say that.
  17. Bartek T.

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    I won't ever defend shit like that, I don't consider it that violent as some people make it out to be, seeing as it was (or looks like on those videos at least?) more of a push, than a hit, but it was still a fairly idiotic thing to do, and actually to my mind - especially to a woman.

    I remember George from Alexisonfire used to take people that stood on stage too long up on his arms, both girls and boys, and he would throw them into the audience like a freakin bear. It was all in good fun, and everybody was at least aware what's happening at a given moment. This over here on the other hand, came to be very disrespectful and unsafe. They should be glad nothing worse happened, cause it's their duty as a band to set a good example, not how to do harm.
  18. Liz

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    I don't understand why people keep saying it was just a push or a tap with his foot. Did we watch the same video? Because he literally runs at her, jumps into the air, and kicks her into the crowd.
  19. efp722


    This topic made its way to the Kinda Funny FaceBook page and most people there seem to be in favor of his actions. I just don't fucking get it.
  20. OhTheWater

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    That's because inherent misogyny and hatred towards the "other", as well as a disturbing lack of empathy, are rampant within society. Even feeling a pang of disgust or negativity towards this dude's actions puts you on a completely different playing field compared to a lot of people in terms of general societal awareness, unfortunately. Imagine how thinned out the population becomes when people actually begin to think critically about the systems in power that allow this stuff to happen on the regular while everyone accepts it.
  21. efp722


    I am either tired or stupid, but i understood about half of that.
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  22. OhTheWater

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    Most people don't care about anyone other than themselves, especially when the other person is of a different race/gender/religion/sexuality/any other demographic. The first conclusion that many people jump to is to blame the victim of situations under the grounds of them being "stupid" or "wrong", rather than taking a step back and thinking about what actually happened/why it happened. The easiest thing to do is blame rather than reflect.
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  23. efp722


    Thank you, You're a fucking saint. Well put! I like this version of you better then the one thats too hard to understand.
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  24. K0ta

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    So many people are surface thinkers. Situations kind of flow over them, not through them; they don't actually go deeper than some knee-jerk reaction. This kind of attitude is especially pertinent in our political system atm (in America). It's easy to demonize somebody when you refuse to understand them on a human level. It's easy to see "some drunk girl" getting kicked off the stage at a show for taking a selfie in a video on the internet and just laughing at it or saying that she deserved it. It's harder and takes some emotional input to think about the victim and the consequences of that kind of behavior in music and the world in general.

    Buddy from Senses Fail does an incredible job of explaining the disconnect the internet is teaching us in this interview:
    No More Silence: Q&A with Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail - Features - Alternative Press
  25. personalmaps

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    I talked about this all day yesterday and would love to be done with it but apparently, as always, the community surrounding this band completely lacks empathy and common sense. There was plenty of outrage the first few times this happened-- if we were able to look at old AP threads, you'd be able to see me bring up the time he kicked the man and the other time he forcefully shoved a young girl offstage as examples of why this band sucks and get completely torn to shreds. Just because you weren't paying attention doesn't mean it didn't happen. And by the way, trying to use a man getting assaulted on stage as a gotcha moment is not the same thing as caring about that man. Nice try though.

    To comment on a few other things-- the toxic culture this band and others like it have built towards women is entirely relevant in this situation. Yes, it has happened to a man before at their shows. But when you take into context the kind of person Parker is, doing the same thing to a girl takes on a much darker and more serious connotation. To make a crass comparison, a man who abuses women may have punched a man before, but when he hits a woman it carries a lot more weight because of his history.

    As far as the girl's response- so? This is bigger than just her. The fact that she feels she needs to apologize for the band for Parker attacking her should upset you, not make you nod in agreement. This is the state of the scene! If someone like Ronnie Radke did this, there would be no defense. Y'all "everyone's on the feminist bandwagon" crying babies would be in here ripping apart any teen girl defending him on Twitter. You can't only care when it's artists you don't like fucking up.

    Last, I cannot imagine the immense amount of blind, ignorant privilege it takes to come to a thread of diverse people and say that punk is and always has been equal. On top of being ludicrously inaccurate, just stop and think for two seconds. Do you truly believe that your experience is the only one? Do you think that because you personally have never had a problem, that means the entire culture is safe and good for people of different genders and race? If so, take a step back and rethink your incredibly narcissistic viewpoint, because you clearly have not been listening.