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‘Nondescript Pop Punk Band Dropkicks a Girl Off Stage’

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 12, 2016.

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    Alex Young, writing for Consequence of Sound, after Parker Cannon of The Story So Far kicked a fan in the back over the weekend:

    Over the weekend, the band’s desperation for relevancy reached a boiling point, as lead singer Cannon decided it would be super badass to dropkick a female in the back. The female fan had climbed onstage during the band’s encore, seemingly with the intention of taking a selfie, which is pretty douchy thing to do. But no where near as douchy as potentially paralyzing a person by kicking them in the spine so that they fall off stage. It’s the type of dumb shit one would do in high school — or, as member of a pop punk band whose target fanbase matured a decade ago.

    And from Emma Garland, at Noisey:

    The flippancy with which Cannon acts so aggressively towards a young female fan who is literally funding his excuse to be on stage in the first place – despite the fact that he spends every night shouting “think about who you let between your thighs” and “I know where you’ve been / You’re ruining men” into a mic – is fucking gross. Yes, taking selfies onstage is probably quite annoying, but as a grown ass adult it’s your responsibility to handle it A) reasonably and B) not like a piece of shit.

    Warped Tour’s going be running a full-fledged university by the time all the classes needed to teach pop-punk bros how to be decent human beings are accounted for.

  2. fyebes

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    really gross. my local alternative radio station posted about this, so I'm glad the story is getting out there that it's definitely not okay to do this to fans.
  3. popdisaster00

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    Jesus. What an idiotic thing to do.
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  4. jjnunn118

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    Fairly certain this is the band that made me jaded toward most of these new pop punk bands, just never got the hype. Literally the most boring stage presence I've ever seen and gross lyrics yet for some reason this is the band that everyone wants to rip off.
  5. Penguin

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    What an asshole.
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  6. Liz

    Ew, David

    This makes me want to scream. I hope she's okay
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  7. smowashere

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    Fuck this band. Reasonably escort her off stage if it's such a big deal.
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  8. zachff Prestigious

    Seen these guys as openers once or twice, liked maybe their first(?) album but not much since. This was a fucked up thing to do.
  9. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    This is messed up, I loved their first two albums, if this is the kind of guy he is, I'll no longer listen to TSSF.
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  10. Anthony_ Apr 12, 2016
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    Jeez, how hard is it to stop the song, tell her to get the hell off the stage, and then keep going? Not very, considering if you (the singer) stop singing, everyone will notice. I think most people would probably say stage selfies are the worst (not to mention dangerous), so really he should have handled this in a mature, non-violent manner and literally everyone would have been on his side instead.

    Either way, this is pretty indefensible. Hard to imagine them coming back from this one with all the notoriety it's already getting. Shame because I was still a fan of this band, average third album and all. Going to have to reevaluate that stance now, as I'm sure a lot of other fans of theirs will. No reason for this kind of violence, especially toward a fan. Dude is out of control.
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  11. esposimi

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    And where was the venue security to prevent this from even occurring in the first place?
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  12. Arry

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    I get getting annoyed with someone taking a selfie on stage, but DROP KICK? Yeah, I don't miss going to these bro shows.
  13. shouts23

    Hi, I'm Negan ;)

    When you play a no barriers show, you have to expect that these things can/will happen (in regards to someone trying to take a pic on stage). If you don't want people doing it, don't play a no barriers show period.
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  14. stijn_p

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    What a stupid thing to do, never understood the hype for this band in the first place.
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  15. pushing people off the stage is one thing, but kicking them in the back is a whole other level. absolutely no need for that. especially when a bunch of other people started going up on the stage and they did nothing about them...

    also, i saw this band open for the early november (i think?) and i just sat in the back at the bar and watched and didn't get why everyone was so into them. same with the wonder years too, but i ended up warming up to them.
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  16. stijn_p

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    Or stop playing shitty music and write some decent lyrics so that people don't come up stage to take a selfie.
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  17. BelieF


    I think a simple tap on the back and gesture to move along would've done the trick. Also Joyce Manor had/has the right idea but handled it totally wrong and lost a lot of their momentum. Sadly this just makes tssf "cool, punk as fuck" to most kids.
  18. BelieF


    That also reminds me tssf usually askes the venue to remove barricades and I'm assuming security? At nyc 2-3 years ago at irving plaza they were turned down but last year at webster they removed barricades which I haven't seen done in at least 10 years.
  19. Kennedy Prestigious

    Can you imagine being that girl leaving that show? this is obviously a band she really likes, i mean, the fact that she is willing to get on stage and try and get a selfie to presumably post on social media is saying something for how much she likes the band. While doing this she is literally booted off a stage, in front of hundreds of people, by this band that she looks up to and loves.
    What an AWFUL way to treat your fans. you never treat someone supporting your band like that. I dont know how old that girl is, but i know when i was 16, 17, 18, my favorite bands were the world to me. They were the coolest people in the world. I cant imagine the embarrassment i wouldve felt if that were me in that situation. but not only that, the sheer disappointment i would've felt knowing that not only i was made a fool of for a cheering crowd, but someone who i thought was cool and awesome was actually a HUGE ass hole.
  20. SteveLikesMusic

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    Is he getting charged for assault? He should be.
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  21. Brenden

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    He also did it to some guy last year.
  22. Behind the Barricade

    Webster usually does it for shows like Sick of It All or American Nightmare. I think Irving has done a couple of barricade-less shows in recent memory.
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  23. popdisaster00

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    Missing the point. He reacted to it in a very wrong way.
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  24. OhTheWater

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    Don't touch your fans, don't assault women, don't support this band etc. etc. etc.
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  25. Timmiluvs

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    Hearing about this this morning pissed me off so much. I hope she wasn't seriously injured, what a fucking shitty thing for him to do. I wish her all the best.

    I'm going to echo something I read on Twitter though and say that while Im glad this story is getting out, calling TSSF "nondescript" or "irrelevant" or "only doing it for publicity" is just burying the issue at hand. TSSF are massive, one of the biggest in the scene. This is not a publicity stunt, this is shitty, violent act by a frontman who has a history of being shitty and violent. This isn't a no name band trying to drum up a little publicity, this is a person who has repeatedly endangered many fans with his actions while seeing no punishment. It's a massive problem surrounding this band (among other issues with them) and I hope it finally gets addressed in some way.