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‘Indiana Jones 5’ Coming in July

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot Mar 7, 2017
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    Indiana Jones 5 will be released on July 19th, 2019:

    Harrison Ford is returning to the title role and Steven Spielberg is directing. The pair last teamed up for 2008’s Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull. Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall will serve as producers.

    I mean, it can’t be worse than the last one, right?

  2. Zilla

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    The title should probably be re-named "Coming in July 2019."
  3. @Jason Tate Yeah it needs to say 2019. Currently, this news item is wildly misleading. I thought somehow they'd already filmed the entire movie in secret.
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  4. Zilla

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    If it was a Bad Robot movie - maybe. Haha.
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  5. Chinesefood


  6. Fixed, thanks.
  7. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    Still haven't seen Crystal Skull based on the unanimous verdict from people I've gotten on it.
  8. Zilla

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  9. The Mysterious

    Yes...but a thing isn't beautiful because it lasts

    I mean, the first half really isn't all that bad.
  10. BradBradley


    Potential spoiler alert for Ryan (because you might be a glutton for punishment) -

    Wasn't the whole refrigerator part in the first fifteen-ish minutes? I don't necessarily mean that rhetorically; I only saw it once (...more than necessary, in retrospect)
  11. ryan.conde

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    Delete it
  12. AshlandATeam


    I will say that I liked the Crystal Skull about as well as I liked the original three films.

    That might say more about my feelings towards the first three than it does the fourth one, but still. It was totally a movie that was there and that I watched, just like the first three.
  13. tdlyon

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    In theory I'm not opposed to one more chance for a good final movie with Harrison, but he's going to be 76 years old in 2019
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  14. billyboatman

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    Cool, but in all honesty, I think he's gotten a little too old for the role... Put it to bed.