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‘Fraggle Rock’ Coming to HBO

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 10, 2016.

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    Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Fraggle Rock will be getting remastered and cleaned up to high-definition and will be re-released on HBO later this year:

    “In remastering the series, illuminate has created a contemporary look for the series with meticulous attention paid to every detail — sharpening the images, cleaning up the contrast, increasing the vibrancy of the colors and re-formatting for wide-screen — all under the careful supervision of Brian Henson,” Richard Goldsmith, EVP of Global Distribution for The Jim Henson Company said in a statement. “We’ll engage a whole new audience who will love meeting the Fraggles, Gorgs, and Doozers.”

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    People always mislabeled that Alister version as Relient K which bugged the crap out of me. That song that one of the first TAB songs I learned on guitar.

    I've heard that a Fraggle Rock movie is being made with Joseph Gordon Levitt involved. I hope that's still in the cards.
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