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‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ Trailer

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. ohitsjustrob

    "The only truth is music." Supporter

    Well now I am excited!!
  3. Spencer Young

    Don't ask me why.

    Can't wait. Eddie Redmayne was AMAZING in The Danish Girl. Can't wait to see him tackle a franchise.
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  4. Eric Wilson

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    Need to watch that one still. Excited about this though. Will be going into this fresh, not having read the book.
  5. Connor

    we're all a bunch of weirdos on a quest to belong Prestigious

    Eddie Redmayne was born to be in a Harry Potter movie
  6. Tailer looks terrible and Redmayne is gonna ruin the franchise.

    There, I said it.

    Am I the only one who finds his acting consistently laughable?
  7. Nahhhhh
  8. Connor

    we're all a bunch of weirdos on a quest to belong Prestigious

    What... Why do you find it laughable?
  9. Neon Light

    rage and love

    There's no book to read. JK Rowling wrote it as a screenplay.
  10. Connor

    we're all a bunch of weirdos on a quest to belong Prestigious

    There is s book, it's just really short and it's basically the book that exists in the Harry Pottet universe
  11. Neon Light

    rage and love

    Yeah but nothing that's going to spoil anything.
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  12. You know how thespians on the stage will often over-act things because people have to see everything in the back, as well as the need for a larger-than-life presence to help suspend disbelief while sitting in a theater with obvious props and such?

    That's how I fell Redmayne's acting is, except with a camera pointed at his face to capture all his over-exaggerated glory. He never, to me at least, actually feels like he's in the scene. His acting comes across as trying too hard, trying to impress instead of actually buying into the role. I've never "believed" a single role I've seen him in. And some of the facial expressions he made in the Fantastic Beasts trailer literally did make me laugh out loud, as if he doesn't even know what emotions he's trying to convey.
  13. Connor

    we're all a bunch of weirdos on a quest to belong Prestigious

    In the words of the great Gordon Ramsey " You're off your trolley!"

    But seriously, fair enough. I like him ok, he isn't my favorite or anything, but I feel he definitely looks the part for the universe it's set in.
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  14. coleslawed

    Eat Pizza

    curious as to what you've seen of his.
  15. Eric Wilson

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    Ah cool. Well regardless, definitely stoked. Trailer really caught my interest.
  16. Spencer Young

    Don't ask me why.

    I've only ever seen him in The Theory of Everything and The Danish Girl - found him entirely captivating in both. But, I'm a romantic. Maybe that's just me.
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  17. polyfilla

    who can never be sure

    I haven't been this excited for something HP-related since the release of Deathly Hallows...can't wait!
  18. Guys Named Todd

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    I''ll be the one to point out and get hyped over the fact that this basically looks like a Doctor Who / Harry Potter hybrid in the best way.
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