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‘Dunkirk’ Has a Strong Opening Weekend

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 24, 2017.

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    Dunkirk beat expectations over the weekend with a $50.5M debut:

    Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk became the first non-franchise film to top the weekend box office this summer and the first since March of this year as it delivered over $50 million this weekend. Additionally, Universal’s Girls Trip played strong, finishing in second position, while STX’s release of EuropaCorp’s Valerian failed to take off. Also, for a second weekend in a row, we have another franchise title dipping over 60% in its second weekend in release.

    I saw the film on IMAX yesterday and loved it. Heart pounding and relentless.

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  2. Ska Senanake


    This movie fucks.
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  3. Spenny


    Definitely need to see this soon; looks amazing.
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  4. TedSchmosby


    And my three screen theater still doesn't have it. At least it got Baby Driver on Friday
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  5. carlosonthedrums

    Cooler than a polar bear's toenails Prestigious

    This is gonna be the first movie I see in theaters since the birth of my son because I do not miss Christopher Fucking Nolan IMAX experiences.
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  6. TedSchmosby


    How old is your son? A little older than two? Just guessing because of Interstellar
  7. CMilliken


    Fantastic movie. Beautifully shot and sound design was amazing.
  8. Serh

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Spectacular movie that's gonna be a real feat to top
  9. Derek Wright

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    Can't wait to check this one out!
  10. carlosonthedrums

    Cooler than a polar bear's toenails Prestigious

    He's just shy of 11 months. I haven't been to the movies since late last summer; been catching up with everything at home.
  11. joey-wan kenobi

    Happiness is a warm gun mama

    Great movie, but I was confused at the storylines most of the movie.
  12. TedSchmosby


    Getting it tomorrow, hell yeah