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‘Call of Duty’ Gaming Community Points to ‘Swatting’ in Deadly Wichita Police Shooting

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 29, 2017.

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    Nichole Manna, writing for the Wichita Eagle:

    Online gamers have said in multiple Twitter posts that the shooting of a man Thursday night by Wichita police was the result of a “swatting” hoax involving two gamers.

    Swatting happened when someone makes a call to a police department with a false story of an ongoing crime – often with killing or hostages involved – in an attempt to draw a large number of police officers to a particular address. […]

    Officers went to the 1000 block of McCormick, preparing for a hostage situation and they “got into position,” he said.

    “A male came to the front door,” Livingston said. “As he came to the front door, one of our officers discharged his weapon.”

  2. SEANoftheDEAD


    Thats awful. Jesus Christ.
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  3. CyberInferno

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    This is just a terrible situation all around, and I have no idea what the solution is other than to hold the perpetrators of the fake call responsible for whatever happens at that call (e.g. second degree murder in this case).
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  4. Philll


    And I dunno, have law enforcement do even a little bit of reconnaissance before unloading a lethal weapon on someone...
  5. skogsraet

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    This is sarcasm right?
  6. Wharf Rat

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    Or, don't have a system by which anyone can call in a god damn SWAT team on anyone for any reason at any time
  7. Yellowcard2006


    Any person who would call in a SWAT team to another human as a joke is disgusting but this is the first time I've heard it end in a murder. I haven't gotten any details on what happened when he came to the door but what evidence did they have it was even the correct house? Shoot first ask questions later?
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  8. oldjersey

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    I read an article that said police claimed he 'reached for his waistband multiple times'

    I listened to the actual 911 call that was made, the guy sounds like a sociopath. Absolutely no emotion whatsoever.

    I also saw the body cam footage, you can barely see the guy coming out of the house but he was plenty far away from the police and they shot him so quick, ugh.
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  9. skogsraet

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    So do people pulling up their pants. Adjusting a belt. Placing their hands on their hips. Police departments will employ the dumbest fucking people apparently. Smfh.
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  10. oldjersey

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  11. skogsraet

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  12. supernovagirl

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    this is nuts
  13. Wharf Rat

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    Reeling from the idea that the cops thought this was a hostage situation so they shot the first person they saw
  14. Kiana

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    Right? Like if the situation was legit he could've easily shot a hostage wtf. If you think there are hostages in a building u should never just blindly shoot like that's ridiculous. Like obv u shouldn't do that anyway, but espesh if you think there are hostages!! If u can't remain calm u prob should not be a cop, and definitely shouldn't be in hostage situations

    That poor innocent man.
  15. ttmessick Dec 30, 2017
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    This happened in my city and I’m pissed at the police for the way they handled this and at the gaming community for this “prank” and it’s continuance. I think the answer to this problem is that services like twitch and YouTube need to work with law enforcement information systems to check reported addresses against current live streams. That won’t eliminate the possibility of the reported crime - but that way, police would have a better idea of the odds this crime is actually being committed before arriving on location.

    Edit: wow, apparently this poor man was not even involved with the game and his address was given to police. I guess my suggestion wouldn’t have helped him.

    And just to be clear - trying to offer a solution to “swatting” was definitely not an attempt to downplay the obviously massive issue of police brutality.
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  16. The prank gone wrong feels less important than the cops murdering people with impunity across the country.
  17. farva2


    This is pretty awful and police agencies will need to train and be aware of this now.

    Playing devils advocate here. I’ve got a lot of friends and family/parents that are current or retired police and its heartbreaking to see how bad the perception of law enforcement has gotten. Most cops are passionate to help people, aren’t trigger happy, and want just want to go home at night. Between 150-200 police are murdered every year, thousands more are injured, and most suffer some form of sleeping disorder, depression, Heart problems/ diabetes as a result of the job. It’s rare to find an officer who successfully made it to retirement and hasn’t either been divorced, had multiple surgeries (my dads had 30), or died by the time they’re 60.

    Bad shoots definitely happen and there are absolutely bad police officers but they’re a minority. The solution to reducing shootings is for agencies to increase the quality and amount of training hat officers get but most cities barely have the budget to put officers on the street.

    Now stufff like this video happen or nearly happens to police every day. Most times waiting to see what comes out of a pocket or a waistband will get you killed.

    This video does a good job of breaking down the kind of thinking that goes through ones head when hey might be mixed up in a gun fight

    I’m not expecting to change anyone’s mind but just trying to offer a different perspective on all this. Thanks for reading !
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  18. Jesus Christ no one needs to be the “devils advocate” for murdering innocent people — just shut up.
  19. AgainstMe182


    Quality, thoughtful reply farva2, even though I’m definitely of the opinion that it is less of a ‘few bad apples’ and more of a systemic problem. Sorry the owner of this site is a prick though.
  20. DandonTRJ

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    Love the idea that a government can (a) allow firearms to proliferate largely unchecked throughout the citizenry, (b) resist all calls to curb said proliferation (and the violence it causes) by insisting that it’s our fundamental right to have these weapons, then (c) turn around and cry about how deathly afraid they are of these weapons actually being possessed by anyone they interact with, so much so that they feel justified committing preemptive murder purely on the off-chance. Just fucked from start to finish.
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  21. skogsraet

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    Putting a lot of words in a post doesn’t make it “quality” or “thoughtful” especially when it completely ignores the pervasiveness of police violence and reduces it to a few bad apples when police aren’t supposed to be killing anyone at all, regardless of the situation. It is not the job of the police to be executioners, and if they can’t handle waiting the millisecond it would take to determine whether or not they’re actually in danger, they probably couldn’t handle the pressure of a retail job, much less law enforcement.
  22. AgainstMe182


    Maybe try reading his post all the way through next time. He literally states:
    ‘The solution to reducing shootings is for agencies to increase the quality and amount of training hat officers get but most cities barely have the budget to put officers on the street’

    I mean, he pretty much nails the problem and what needs to be done to fix it. That’s not to say that that is the only problem, because there are plenty (police departments protecting their own and transferring the ‘bad apples’ to other departments immediately springs to mind). But of course on this site, you get lambasted if you express anything slightly different from ‘Chorus.FM’s Approved Opinions.’
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  23. skogsraet Dec 31, 2017
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    Trusted Supporter

    Unfortunately, I did waste the time to read it all the way through. I just don’t buy the argument. Police departments have plenty of funding, they’d just rather use it to buy tanks, and the little training to counter violence that is implemented doesn’t seem to have any long term effect.

    You sure spend a lot of time in the forums for someone who thinks this site isn’t conducive to discussion. Have you considered that maybe the reason you get lambasted for your opinion is because it’s fucking dumb?
  24. Philll


    All this talk of "better training" seems to gloss over the fact that these fuckers couldn't even take the time to ascertain whether or not the situation was A PRANK before slaughtering a civilian.
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  25. Wharf Rat

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    Imagine seeing people mad at police for killing a guy and you're sad that people are mad at police...