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‘Black Widow’ Gets Same Day Release on Disney+

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 24, 2021.

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    Black Widow will be coming to Disney+ for $30 and theaters on July 9th.


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  2. WasteSomeTime


  3. alkalinexandy

    Trusted Supporter

    Stoked for this! Took long enough...
  4. Former Planets

    Aaaachem! Supporter

    $30 seems like a lot. I bet 20 would profit them more and minimize pirates
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  5. I’m fine with this news, but I’m bummed about the simultaneous news that Pixar’s Luca is no longer going to theaters. It’ll be dropped on Disney+ for free
  6. theredline

    Regular Supporter

    I wish it was a little cheaper. There’s only two of us who are gonna watch. But I guess it’ll be a little splurge. Add some beer and pizza and it will be a fun night!
  7. ghostxvapor


    I'm starved for a Marvel movie. I might go ahead and splurge as well. Saves time on the commute and I won't have to "worry" about who is sitting next to me etc.
    Plus for two adults it would cost about 25
  8. DooDooBird


    $30 is absolutely insane. No thanks.
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  9. btr


    I’ll be at the theater for this. It’s just not the same when I watched Wonder Woman 1984 on my 1080p tv
  10. DooDooBird


    We have a movie theater here that does $5 Tuesdays. Hopefully that’s still a thing.
  11. fredwordsmith

    Regular Supporter

    $40+ to take me and two kids when you factor in snacks.

    I’ll see a concert before I see a movie. And I’m not gonna see any indoor shows before 2022.