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‘Black Panther’ Trailer

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Blake Solomon

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    whoever is picking the music for the two BP trailers needs a raise.
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  3. Former Planets


    "Alright guys, we're gonna cut together the first trailer to Black Panther, the first Marvel movie with an extensive and almost entirely black cast. What's the very first thing we want people to experience?"
    "What's the whitest thing in the movie?"
    "Martin Freeman."
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  4. oh wow, this looks wild. perfect music choice
  5. oakhurst

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    Always finding the negative. Would you prefer the trailer start with a close up of BP for 10 seconds?

    Don’t answer that. I don’t care about the answer.
  6. oakhurst

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    2nd most anticipated Marvel film after Infinity War. Trailer was great
  7. justin.

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    Please never get in the marketing business of trailers if the first thing you think of is race when it comes to advertising a plot and characters.
  8. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    Looks. So. Good
  9. Please never get into the marketing business of trailers if you don't think of it.
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  10. Serh

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    Shut up and take Philip J. Fry's money
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  11. justin.

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    I wonder which side the marketing professionals at Marvel would take?
  12. CoffeeEyes17

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    yeah who wants to see Black Panther in the Black Panther trailer right

    this movie has skyrocketed to being my most anticipated MCU film for the forseeable future
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  13. justin.

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    No one is saying anything about T’Challa in the trailer. His footage is great. There’s just one person in this tread complaining about a character, which plays a role in the story, appearing at the beginning because his dialogue introduces the craziness of Wakanda’s technological achievements.

    It is a good line that opens the trailer well that clearly the people at Marvel thought worked as did 99.8% of the people who are not complaining about it.
  14. CoffeeEyes17

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    the point theyre making is theres finally an MCU film where the main hero is black yet we still had to have a white dude introduce this world to us. why not have T'Challa do it? Or one of the other Wakandans? its little things like this that make PoC frustrated. taking this weird "race shouldnt matter!" stance in a movie that very clearly intends to celebrate the (albeit fictional) black culture of Wakanda and the main hero just comes across poorly. as does making up random statistics which seems to be a theme for you lol
  15. justin.

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    Because obviously T’Challa isn’t going to speak about how amazed he is of Wakanda compared to other events that have happened during the MCU such as people flying or an alien invasion like Everett Ross has. The Wakandians have not been exposed to outside events minus the little fight in civil war. The opening of the trailer clearly intended to showcase the landscape of Wakanda while having dialogue that mentions the scope of it.

    Like I said, it’s marketing and you choose dialogue that intrigues when it comes to opening dialogue. It’s the logos of making of a trailer.
  16. CoffeeEyes17

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    could just as easily be rewritten the other way around, how amazed he is at what hes seen and how uncomfortable he is now that Wakanda is receiving attention. Its a simple fix of "hey lets maybe let the protagonist introduce this trailer" and it gives us a better glimpse at what we may see in regards to T'Challas struggle with being king, being a hero, and now being the center of attention to the outside world

    But yeah marketing whiz ya got it all figured out
  17. oakhurst

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    The scene with Ross interrogating T’Challa is most likely an important scene which the marketers see as something needed for the trailer. I think it set up the atmosphere nicely for both trailers, the first including Ross interrogating Klaue.
  18. DrAlanGrant

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    MBJ is a bad ass dude.
  19. Same marketing professionals that teamed up with an arms dealer last week? Let's not pretend because they work at Marvel everything they do is above reproach. And let's not act like those cutting trailers in the past few years aren't doing us all a pretty massive disservice in what they show and how to begin with ... and that the Disney machine isn't a huge contributor to that problem.
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  20. justin.

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    "at what he's seen"? He hasn't seen any of the alien or flying men (Thor) that Everett has which is why Everett says it and why it holds a good comparison to how advanced Wakanda is. Not mention T'Challa is the exact next clip smiling at how what Everett is saying to him because he is confident in what Wakanda has.

    I always agree with people on this site about representation in films but this is reaching far and wide.
  21. CoffeeEyes17

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    hence the word "rewritten".
  22. CoffeeEyes17

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    its small potatoes sure but its still a reasonable complaint is all we're saying
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  23. justin.

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    So you want entire dialogue that works for a trailer to rewritten in order for Martin to not be shown half a second before T'Challa, not because of the way it portrays the plot or advertises the new city but because of the race of the character. How does that make sense in a marketing point of view?
  24. justin.

    Trusted Supporter

    Oh no, I understand the point that people want to see a Wakandan first. I was just saying that there's most likely not an agenda and that the dialogue/opening of the trailer works extremely well for the trailer. It's a marketing decision and people love the trailer so it seems to have been a marketing decision that worked.
  25. (That Vince Staples song is great.)