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‘Black Panther’ is a Massive Hit

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 19, 2018.

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    Black Panther is a smash hit and breaking all kinds of records:

    Disney has revised their three and four-day estimates for Black Panther and as expected the grosses continue to rise with the film now delivering an estimated $201.7 million over the three-day and is expected to surpass $235 million for the four-day weekend. This makes Black Panther only the fifth movie to debut with over $200 million over its opening weekend and the third highest four-day gross in history, passing Jurassic World’s $234.1 million four-day gross.

    Here’s Miles Surrey writing at The Ringer:

    Black Panther, because of this huge opening weekend, should be a sign of the future of filmmaking. There are 202 million reasons for the industry to make more big-budget movies headlined by people of color; to produce small, specific stories with the weight and wallet of major studios; to let Ryan Coogler (and Michael B. Jordan, and Chadwick Boseman, and Danai Gurira, and Lupita Nyong’o) do more great things. And there are zero viable excuses for Black Panther to become an anomaly.

  2. aoftbsten

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    I've gotta try and see this tonight.
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  3. Serh

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    When films like these are successful (and a potential sign of similar things to come) we should all be celebrating
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  4. Spenny


    Movie is fantastic. The world of Wakanda is so deep and interesting, I hope there are several sequels to flesh out that world even further.
  5. [removed]

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    I find the concept of Wakanda so intriguing, even without the superhero side of things.
  6. Jonathan

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    Think I may try and catch a second viewing tonight.
  7. StoJa9


    Amazing, amazing film. Unbelievable cast, great story and action. Very funny too. The humor often caught you off-guard and came at unexpected moments. T'Challa's sister steals the movie, IMO, and holy hell is Danai Gurira a badass!

    The knock on Marvel is they haven't made great villans. Well, I think they made two of them. Klaue is fantastic and unhinged and Michael B Jordan may be the best villanin the MCU. Believable motivation and an actual threat to the hero.

    Can't wait to see it again tomorrow.
  8. skogsraet

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    I’m only ever inclined to see movies in theaters like once a year, this is one of those movies
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  9. Helloelloallo

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    Interested to see how the 2nd weekend does. This movie was so hyped and was such a pivotal moment that I think it may have a massive drop off but we'll see. I will see it one of the later weekends as I don't like going to the movies when it's too crowded. I worry about getting a bad seat and get irritated by the crowd noise (eating and drinking). I have heard nothing but good things so I think word of mouth will actually carry this movie a long way but i also wouldn't be surprised to see a 50+ % drop off.