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‘Batman: The Animated’ Series Turns 25

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 6, 2017.

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    Batman: The Animated Series turned 25 recently. The Hollywood Reporter has an oral history of the classic TV show:

    “As a kid, I had a very conservative Irish-Catholic upbringing. So when Bruce Timm asked me what I knew about Batman, I immediately mentioned the TV show and he screamed, ‘No, no, no! That’s not what we’re doing. Erase that!’ ” says Conroy. “He explained the dark, noir story and Bruce’s vow to his parents which leads to the dual identities. It was sort of Shakespearean tragedy, so I approached it like you would Hamlet or Edgar in King Lear.”

    I was on a podcast talking about this show a few months ago, it really does hold up.

  2. St. Nate

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  3. red8ge


    untouchable. a shame about the new harley batman animated movie
  4. Tim McCall


    Been rewatching a lot of cartoons. Batman holds up the best. The Real Ghostbusters has been fun, but it isn't even close.
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  5. JamesMichael

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    Used to love watching it when I was a kid. The films are awesome too.
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  6. Ryan

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    Agreed 100%, especially with the Mask Of The Phantasm part, it really could be the best Batman film ever made.
  7. btr

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    This show is beautiful to look at and the animation is phenomenal. Conroy and Hamill are Batman and Joker to me.
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  8. Been sporadically re-watching the whole series during 2017. MotP just got a blu-ray release, so hopefully this series gets one eventually.
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  9. Ellite25


    What’s the best way to watch this show these days? Is it on a streaming service or Blu-ray?
  10. zachmacD


    hulu is where it's at for all the 90's cartoons. The Spiderman cartoon is on there, Hey Arnold, Batman, among many others.
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  11. The whole series is available to stream on Amazon if you have Amazon Prime.
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  12. KyleK

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    Watched Batman Beyond episodes in the last year or two for the first time in ages and I was shocked how much they came back to me as I watched. I think I'd underestimated how much of that show I'd watched, and how well you can remember tv from childhood (much like music).
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