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‘Avengers 4: Endgame’ Trailer

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 7, 2018.

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  2. stahlneckr

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  3. defmytones


    Color me excited. I know there’s been endless speculation about this being the end for Cap but feel there may be more surprises. Maybe the end for Stark?
  4. metallikunt

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    I'm glad I saw the trailer earlier, I would have been annoyed learning the title from the title of this post. Even Marvel kept it out of the YT title so people could have a nice reveal at the end of the trailer! I know this title has been speculated for ages but still...

    Looking forward to this. Such a calm trailer, probably just the calm before the storm. Can't wait to see how this plays out and who dies and lives.
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  5. Snoblin

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  6. Jonathan

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    This was the perfect teaser.
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  7. mattylikesfilms


    The Ronin reveal was my highlight.
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  8. Jonathan

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  9. Kingjohn_654

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    Clint Barton is back baby!
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  10. AsfAstAswegofar


    I just recently binged watched a bunch of marvel movies. This may be a dumb question but could Deadpool or Venom appear in the Avengers?
  11. Jonathan

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    Deadpool is a 20th Century Fox property (and technically now Disney's) but he won't show up in Avengers: End Game.

    Venom (as well as Spider-Man) are Sony properties, however Sony worked out a deal with Disney/Marvel Studios to let them develop the Spider-Man character/movies and Sony only produces them. Venom won't show up in Avengers because he's not even (at this point) tied to this version of Spider-Man whatsoever. The movie (Venom) did well financially, so it'll get a sequel, but it was awful and I'm sure Disney doesn't want to touch it with a 10-foot pole.
  12. Venom was the best buddy cop movie in years, stupidly fun, and I’ll die on that hill.
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  13. AsfAstAswegofar


    Thank you, I didn't think Venom was as bad as the reviews said. I enjoyed it, it was really a fun movie. Not the most developed story but hopefully the sequel will be better.
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  14. mattylikesfilms


    I had a lot of fun watching Venom and thought it was hilarious (sometimes unintentionally though). Now is it a good film? Not really. I understand a lot of the harsh criticisms it got but now that it's a total hit- I hope Ruben Fleischer can have the time/freedom to turn in something really good for the sequel. Woody as Carnage could be really cool if done right and the relationship between Brock and Eddie was hilarious enough to have me on board for a sequel.
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  15. Jonathan

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    I should clarify, I didn't hate it. I just think it was especially good either… especially compared to what Disney has been doing with their stuff. It was still fun, and I agree, a lot of that was probably unintentional. I'd still watch a sequel.
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  16. Connor

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    Is he a popular character? Probably my least favorite character in any of these if i'm honest
  17. Kingjohn_654

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    A few years ago he had a really popular comic that won a bunch of awards and gained Clint some new fans.

    His movie counterpart isn't too impressive though