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    1. ChrisCantWrite
      ChrisCantWrite Oct 4, 2016
      Love finding fellow Juturna fans!
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      3. RyanPm40
        I LOVE In Fear and Faith. Definitely was my favorite for awhile, but I think Stop The Fucking Car is my favorite at this point. Idk if you've seen it, but there's a dude on Youtube who transposed it to piano and did a very cool vocal and piano cover of it
        Oct 4, 2016
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      4. ChrisCantWrite
        Damn. Gonna check that out as soon as I get home tonight.
        Oct 4, 2016
      5. RyanPm40
        Yeah I definitely recommend it! He did a really great job at making his own take on it vs someone trying to emulate the entire sound. Or, I just really love the sound of the piano heh.

        Just found it: https://www.youtube (dot) com/watch?v=JzhrTpCjPG0
        Oct 4, 2016
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