PatRFinley Early Onset Grump LFGM
    1. PatRFinley
    2. PatRFinley
      PatRFinley Nov 15, 2017
      The Nintendo Switch is SICK
    3. PatRFinley
      PatRFinley Feb 3, 2017
      After The Party on repeat for days and days
    4. PatRFinley
      PatRFinley Nov 10, 2016
      Deeply saddened by the results of the election.
    5. PatRFinley
      PatRFinley Oct 8, 2016
      I forgot this was here.
    6. PatRFinley
      PatRFinley Apr 27, 2016
      New Blink-182 and I booked my flight to Chicago, today is good.
    7. PatRFinley
      PatRFinley Apr 18, 2016
      Probably listening to Weezer
    8. PatRFinley
      PatRFinley Apr 3, 2016
      Got my Debut Carbon up and running today, this thing is so awesome.
    9. PatRFinley
      PatRFinley Mar 30, 2016
      Instead of being more careful with my money, I just bought a $400 turntable. Oops
    10. PatRFinley
      PatRFinley Mar 23, 2016
      Need to stop spending money on records. I spent wayyyy too much money this week
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    Patrick Finley
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