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    Currently working on my PhD in neuroscience at Washington University in St. Louis. If you haven't read the Wait But Why post on procrastination, give it a look and you'll get a good idea of what most of my days are like. I love writing and have tried over the years to marry it to my love of music. My most recent endeavor is my blog - Cadenza - where I talk about whatever music-related things come to mind. I'd love if you'd check it out. Aside from that, the rest of my time is spent at the barn riding horses and going to shows with my boyfriend, whom I met when I drove 1.5 hours alone to see Against Me! in Columbia, MO.

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    Nov 14, 1990 (Age: 33)
    Home Page:
    St. Louis, MO
    PhD Student
    Real Name:
    Lindsay Michalski
    In a Relationship
    Troy Athens High School (Troy, MI)
    Duke University (Durham, NC)
    Grad School:
    Washington University in St. Louis (St. Louis, MO)
    Favorite Albums:
    Oh! Calcutta! - The Lawrence Arms; The Future is Cancelled - Captain, We're Sinking; On the Impossible Past - The Menzingers; Ruiner - A Wilhelm Scream; The Greatest Generation - The Wonder Years; Handwritten - The Gaslight Anthem; Sing the Sorrow - AFI; Stay What You Are - Saves the Day
    Favorite TV Shows:
    Gilmore Girls, Jeopardy, You're the Worst, Vikings, The Middle
    Favorite Movies:
    Finding Nemo, The Dark Knight, Wedding Crashers, Interstellar, The Butterfly Effect
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