1. justhinkhymn
      justhinkhymn Jan 25, 2017
      my music project is called pirate,
      and I’m going to be one of the biggest musicians, if not the biggest, in the world in a couple years.
      here are some of my songs:

      music videos:
      - actions:

      - s[e]oul dier:

      - same thing:

      studio recordings:
      - rea1:

      - 2d4y:

      - 3oonrise: YouTube
      - Jeong Hae Park(ode to my mom): YouTube

      - don’t wanna hurt my ears: YouTube
      - unlocking my voice: YouTube
      - [video] (i freestyle for 5 hours straight) YouTube
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    also, i’m literally trying to save the future of humanity.

    I get that this is a music forum, so I’m putting the whole music thing up there first^, but I’ll copy and paste what I put on many other non-music based sub-reddits/forums as the first part of my message, below.


    I figured out a design for a computer algorithm to bring about world peace.

    Read my Facebook post in my link below where I will present it to you.

    I’m gonna start an online and offline revolution with this to make this world a better fucking place for every single fucking race so please read this AFAP.
    Home Page:
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