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    Jan 19, 1998 (Age: 22)
    Political Views:
    I would prefer we lived in a multi-planetary society organized in a way that allowed for very different kinds of people to self-select into variably structured sub-societies, with automation and opt-in transhumanist biotechnologies allowing for infinite liberation across all dimensions, so much so that the value of limits is periodically re-realized and some mutually agree to enact post-free conventions where boundedness and boundness exist once more (consent is sexy, as always.) don’t worry, th
    ere is a place for anti-civs and anarchoprimitivists too, far away (in standard Euclidean coordinates, the one sacred universal norm, shaken upon after the 7-generation long Mobius battles which would otherwise never have led anywhere) from the cosmists who now spend their perceptually lengthened days devising alchemical methods to resurrect the dead, as instructed by the Wikipedia page immortalizing their ideology’s advent (now a monument in hyperspace.)

    divinity is within you.
    Favorite Albums:
    In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, The Moon & Antarctica, abysskiss, Ghosts of the Great Highway, False Cathedrals, Pink Moon, Capacity
    Favorite TV Shows:
    Star Trek
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