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Drew Beringer
Drew Beringer @drewberinger
    1. Jason Tate
      1. Drew Beringer
        Drew Beringer
        Hello Jason!
        I need an avatar but I want the naked trophy.
        Jan 17, 2016
      2. Jason Tate
        Jason Tate
        @Drew Beringer: LOL. This is the greatest post so far made on this site. Well done. It's so weird to finally have other people posting and doing things on this forum after *cough* years of it kinda being me talking to myself like I'm on some Zombie-Apocalypse internet.
        Jan 17, 2016
        Jacob Tender likes this.
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    Dec 1, 1985 (Age: 33)
    Real Name:
    Drew Beringer
    Ball State University
    Favorite Albums:
    High Violet / Sunbather / Is Survived By / Heroes / My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy / Bon Iver, Bon Iver / Keep You / The Woods / Harmlessness / Pinkerton / Jane Doe
    Favorite TV Shows:
    Mad Men
    Favorite Movies:
    Forgetting Sarah Marshall
    Favorite Books:
    To Kill A Mockingbird
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